Atoka County Sheriff

The Atoka County Sheriff department is a law enforcement agency in Atoka, Oklahoma, that promotes public safety through the management of county jails and public policing. The department is headed by the county Sheriff’s office and comes in handy to patrol unincorporated areas of the county that are not policed by the municipal police unit. Furthermore, it enforces legal judgments such as repossession, tax delinquencies, and foreclosures. The current sheriff is Tony Head, who took office in 2013.
The Atoka County Sheriff attends to the following issues:

Atoka County Sheriff’s Office Contacts

Office Contacts; 580-889-2424
Atoka County Sheriff's Website
Address; 200 E. Court St.
Atoka, OK 74525

The Duties and Roles of Atoka County Sheriff

Along with his team of law enforcers, the Atoka county sheriff, who is also a member of the Oklahoma Sheriffs association, is charged by the state to fulfill specific duties and roles. His position is democratic; hence is elected by the people, and this means he is answerable to not only the state but also the Atoka county people. Some of the roles and duties include the following:

The sheriff is the lead law enforcer in the county. Consequently, he and his team patrol the county, keeping law and order. For instance, he is called up to provide security and control masses during the county's special events.

The sheriff comes in handy to provide security in county courts during court sessions.

The sheriff is the lead administrator of the county jails. This means he and his team provides meals, medical services and is in charge of the inmates' general welfare.

The county sheriff is also responsible for the training of his team members including, deputies and detention officers.

The sheriff's department is also responsible for transporting county inmates to the courts, medical facilities, mental health facilities, juvenile facilities, and inter-county transfers.

The sheriff’s office also has some attached civic duties. Such include the following seizure of property, evictions, property disposition via sheriff sales, serving subpoenas, warrants, and lawsuits.

The sheriff is also charged with the responsibility of collecting and disposition of abandoned livestock.

The Qualifications of Atoka County Sheriff

Anybody of the right age can become the Atoka County Sheriff. However, you have to have the following qualifications:

Inmate Search

Inmates incarcerated in any county correctional facility can be traced via the sheriff’s office. A typical Atoka County inmate search presents information about offenders held in local correctional facilities, including those arrested recently. Even better, the search opens doors to other bits of information such as:

There are many credible online sites that present information about jail inmates incarcerated in Oklahoma counties, including Atoka. Currently, Atoka does not have a conclusive online inmate locator, or rather, the site is not well-updated. However, you can call the sheriff's office for help or use the larger Oklahoma State online inmate lookup site. This will provide you with the following bits of information about offenders:

The sheriff's office is open 24/7; hence you are sure to get assisted accordingly. To obtain information about any offender at any correctional facility, you have to provide their correct credentials. Such include their full names and the date of birth or age, if you are certain. An inmate’s first and last name is critical to the search, while the birthdates help quicken the search.
Other constants that could help you trace an inmate are the correctional facility where they are housed, their specific charges, and booking dates.
However, if a family member or a friend has been charged for any crime, but they are yet to be convicted, they are likely to be held by the county department at the local station or even the county police department. If you contact the sheriff’s office, you will be told whether they are with the police department of the sheriff’s department. Recently convicted offenders in the county are more often than not housed at the Atoka County Jail before they are transferred to other facilities in the county or the state. However, those sentenced for less than one year for misdemeanors are likely to be incarcerated locally in county facilities.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Sex offenders in all counties in Oklahoma State, including Atoka, are treated a little differently from other offenders. If you are charged with a sex offense such as rape, the Atoka County Sheriff's Office will register you accordingly. As such, information about sex offenders is readily available at this office. You can either call the sheriff’s office or engage the Atoka police department at 580-889-3250. To get assisted quickly, ensure you provide your inmate of interest’s full name and date of birth.

What to do after an Inmate Search

Of course, your inmate search must have been motivated by a specific need. As seen before, the search puts a lot of information at your disposal to help you in your bids. The information is often used to: